Download my "Mama Mantra" affirmation and get motivated and inspired to chase your kids and your dreams!

Why I Wrote the Mama Mantra

Chasing your kids AND chasing your dreams is no walk in the park. Raising a family AND creating a business is not easy. Leading your kids AND leading yourself is not as simple as it sounds.

When I started my journey, discovering how to live my best life as a mom, business owner, wife and coach, I needed a daily affirmation to help me stick to my goals and that's how the Mama Mantra was born!

These were the words that kept me fighting and they were the comfort I had when times got tough. After many of my friends had asked for a copy to inspire their daily actions, I wanted to make it available to any dream chaser.

We only get one life and if a daily reminder is what you need to take the next steps towards achieving your dreams, download the Mama Mantra by filling out the form above. 

Read it once a day and remind yourself that you can live the "AND" life. So go chase your dreams AND your kids, mama!

About the Author

Megan Valentine is a wife, mama of three, and coach of all sorts.  

She is the founder of Team Brave: A community of women who are committed to pursuing their dreams, loving their people well, and living lives that matter.  

If she is not coasting down the Arizona highways blasting country tunes in her pink Jeep or oceanside with her man in the paradise of Maui, most likely you will find her in a “cheer mom” shirt at an all-star competition or in the front row, wide-eyed and beaming through one of her daughter’s solos.  

Want to join Megan in her Mama Mantra affirmation? Download her personal mantra by filling out the form above.